Are Propane Price Promotions Good For Customers?

As we enter the summer months, many propane suppliers will advertise new customer offers that are designed to attract new customers.  Many suppliers specifically target new home heating customers. 

Are new customer promotional offers good for propane consumers?  It depends on a number of factors.  Some new customer offers may lock in the new customer offer for a short period, perhaps several  weeks.   Some new customer offers may isolate the promotional propane price for one to two tank fills. 

Propane customers should be very cautious when a promotional propane price applies for a short period of time or for one or two tank fills.

It is important to be mindful that most propane home heating customers use a majority of their propane supply during the winter heating months.  If the cold winter weather starts in October, for example, and the special promotion that you were given as a new customer ends in September, if that a good deal?

Suggestion: If considering starting with a propane supplier, ask if you can move the promotional propane price offer to the middle of December - when propane price are traditionally higher than propane price in June through September.  In this scenario, the chances are good that you will take advantage of your lower price new customer offer when propane heating demand increases and many customers are paying higher propane prices. 

If the supplier offering the promotional offer does not agree with you suggestion to move the attractive propane price to another time of the year, as suggested above, perhaps you may wish to re-evaluate if the offer is truly a good deal that saves you money.