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Current Propane Price Data

The Internet contains several websites that show current propane price information.  When reviewing websites for current propane price data, it is absolutely critical to view propane prices that represent recent propane prices.  While our propane price website shows extremely recent propane price data, many propane price websites simply regurgitate older propane prices from government websites from 2010, 2011 or older websites.  Furthermore, many of the websites do not distinuish if the propane pricing applies to propane home deliveries.  Whe comparing propane price information, be sure tha

New Propane Price Entries

We periodically receive e-mail messages from our website visitors indicating that specific counties across the country do not contain comparable propane price data.  The solution to this challenge is to have more and more propane consumers enter their propane pricing data.

How do we work together to accomplish this goal?

Community Propane Price Postings

Our website currently displays propane consumer pricing that is applicable to states/counties across the United States.  We have received feedback that that is valuable information for our website visitors.  We have another opportunity to share information that is applicable to specific community propane pricing.  In short, it would give propane consumers the ability to view propane prices that are being charged to members within a specific community rather than by state and county.  For example, if your homeowners community has 200 members - your members would be able to view the propane p

Electric Coops and Farmers Coops for Propane Service

Many propane consumers live in the service area of cooperatives that provide electric service and/or farmer products.  In some cases, propane consumers are not aware that a local electric coop or farmer coop offers propane service.

Propane Supplier Teaser Games

During the summer months, some propane suppliers offer teaser propane rates to attract propane customers.  Some of the teasers include free propane tank installation, lower first fill offers, among other financial gifts and incentives. 

Summer Time Propane Offers

It's summer and it's time to evaluate your propane supplier's service.  With the warm summer weather, most home propane customers are using propane fuel for limited appliances. Perhaps you are using propane for waterheating.  Perhaps you use your propane for a swimming pool heater or a spa heater.  Perhaps you are using propane for cooking.  Whatever your consumption, it is very possible that you are using a lesser amount that during the cold winter weather. It is important to be aware of summer time propane supplier offers.

Local Propane Pricing Comparison

Do all propane customers in the same area, with similar tank ownership details (lease or own a tank) with the same propane consumption patterns pay the same propane price per gallon?  Furthermore, what if a customer that has been loyal to a propane supplier for many years (perhaps even decades) discovers that a new customer, with similar tank ownership and consumption patterns s paying less than the long time, loyal customer.

Propane Price Quote

As suggested in other areas of our website, propane consumers should make it a priority to contact other propane suppliers BEFORE accepting future home propane deliveries.   A propane home heating consumer should obtain a propane price quote from a minimum of three local suppliers offering service in his/her area to ensure that that  quote is representative of local pricing. 

Propane Run Out

Some propane suppliers clearly identify the extra fees that a customer must pay the propane supplier related to hazmat fees, fixed price programs, etc (if the supplier charges such fees).   Charging any additional fee propane service fee is the choice and the right of each propane supplier.   At the same time, it is the right of each propane customer to select any propane supplier or change to another propane supplier for any reason - including extra propane supplier fees. 

Why Do Propane Supplier Names Not Appear in Our Propane Price Survey?

Several of our website visitors have contacted us to request that we provide a space for folks to post propane supplier names next to posted prices in our price survey (shown on our website home page).  In theory, this would make it very easy for our website visitors to quickly access our website, review prices next to propane supplier names, then order propane from the propane supplier offering the lowest current propane price.


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