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Propane Prices: Reasonable or Affordable?

It is interesting to observe when propane suppliers advertise their propane prices as 'reasonable' or 'affordable'.  Current propane consumers or prospective customers should carefully consider the implied message related to the use of 'reasonable' and 'affordable' propane prices.

Starting New Propane Service for Residential Home Heating

In some cases, a new homeowner in a rural community may find an existing propane tank on their new property next to their new home.  Some homeowners that are new to propane service may make the assumption that all propane suppliers provide service that is similar at a propane price per gallon that is very similar or identical to other propane consumers. 

Propane Consumer Protection

Propane consumers should perform an online search on a specific propane supplier before starting service with that specific propane supplier.  The goal should be to detect a pattern of propane pricing and/or propane service problems related to a specific supplier, if any exist online, before starting propane service with a specific propane supplier. 

New Propane Appliance Installation

Have you installed a new propane appliance recently?  If so, be sure to tell your propane supplier!

Propane Tank Size

Colder weather will cause propane deliveries to become more frequent.  One area that propane consumers should consider as they become more familiar with propane service is propane tank sizing for home use.  Although current propane consumers will have an existing propane tank on site - it may make sense to contact your propane supplier to discuss replacing your existing propane tank with a larger propane tank - and/or adding an additional propane tank.

Supplementing Residential Propane Heating

Propane consumers that use propane for home heating should investigate alternative ways to heat a home.   Using alternative heating methods can also help a homeowner reduce a household dependency on propane fuel.  This can have the dual benefit of lowering the total annual cost to heat a home and give a homeowner a heating fuel alternative when propane supply shortages occur in a specific community.

Grading Your Propane Suppliers Service During Winter

Would you recommend your propane supplier to a friend, family member or neighbor?

Propane Payment Plans

Some propane consumers receive propane deliveries during the winter that may include 400, 500, 600 or more gallons.  Paying for this volume of propane with one single payment may create a challenge for some household budgets.

Propane Price Change Explanations May be Missing One Important Factor

Many propane suppliers and propane industry associations offer website explanations tend to point to various factors that may be responsible for propane price changes.  Some of these explanations include global demand, varying inventory levels, seasonal demand, weather changes, etc.  Many of these same articles tend to point out that propane suppliers are doing everything they can to keep your propane price low.  This may also be true.

Carefully Planning Propane Supplier Termination Date

Many propane consumers spend time during the summer months reviewing and evaluating the propane prices and propane services offered by local propane suppliers.


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