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Leased Propane Tank Annual Rental Fee Tip

Many propane consumers elect to lease or rent his or her propane tank for residential propane service.  In this case the propane tank is typically owned and installed by his or her current propane supplier.

It is a good idea to make a note of the following propane service related dates:  (1) The date that the annual propane tank rental fee (if applicable) is collected by your propane supplier,  and (2) The date that your propane service commitment ends (as per your propane service contract with your current propane supplier).

Can I Change From Natural Gas to Propane Gas?

Can homeowners and business operators that currently use natural gas for heating change to propane fuel and save money?

In virtually all cases the answer is very simple: No.  While natural gas and propane gas achieve the same goals of home heating, cooking, clothes drying, water heating, etc.,  natural gas fuel is preferred and typically more economical.

Propane Pre-Buy Contracts

Many propane suppliers offer 'propane pre-buy prices', sometimes referred to as 'propane contract pricing' during the summer months before the winter heating season when the propane will be consumed.

While propane pre buy pricing has proven to be a money saving program for many residential propane consumers in past years, propane consumers should be cautious and carefully investigate propane pre-buy offerings before participating in such a propane price contract.  Three specific areas that should be researched and carefully considered include the following:

Are Propane Price Quotes Useful?

Many propane consumers are evaluating their past propane pricing and propane service as they make decisions on propane service changes moving forward.  Should I keep my same propane supplier from last year?  Was my propane supplier charging 'competitive propane prices' last year?  Was my propane supplier responsive to my service needs last winter?  Has my propane supplier been promptly painting their leased propane tank to help me maintain the appearance of my property...or am I staring at an ugly, rusty propane tank with peeling paint and fading decals?

Can I Challenge My Propane Price?

Can consumers challenge his or her propane suppliers propane price per gallon?

If a propane consumer is not participating in a fixed propane price per gallon or have any other agreement to the contrary, propane consumers should be willing to challenge his or her propane suppliers propane price per gallon - if research shows that a propane price per gallon for a pending delivery is not competitive.

Propane Pricing Tips

Many propane consumers post questions on website blogs regarding their curiosity of how propane prices are set by local propane suppliers.

Saving Money: Forklift Propane Cylinder Exchange

Ontaining forklift propane cylinder delivery service can be very expensive.  Operators of propane forklift fleets should investigate the following possible way that their propane forklift program may be wasting money. 

Learning Your Propane Price BEFORE Each Delivery

Many propane consumers receive automatic propane deliveries from their propane supplier on a regular basis without knowledge of their propane price per gallon before receiving each delivery.   As a result, propane consumers may or may not be paying competitive propane prices for each dellivery.   If your propane supplier does not clearly post current propane price per gallon information on it's company website, it is important to request advance notice of your propane price per gallon for comparison before receiving each delivery. 

Know Your Propane Price Protection Dates

Many propane suppliers that offer propane price protection plans, including propane pre-buy and propane price cap, end their propane price protection plan offers at approximately the end of September (or earlier)  each year.  Interested propane consumers should contact their local propane suppliers to compare local propane price protection plans as as soon as possible.

Summer Fill Propane Price Offers

Many propane suppliers offer attractive summer fill propane offers to their customers.   Summer fill programs are designed to save customers money based on one tank fill at traditionally low summer season propane prices.  Even if your current propane supply contract prohibits you from obtaining propane fills from other propane suppliers in your leased propane tank - you may find other propane suppliers that offers attractive propane pricing program that are more competitive than your current suppliers propane pricing.  If this is the case, you may wish to note the attractive propane pricing


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