Changing Your HVAC Filter

It is important to change your HVAC filter on a regular basis to save money operating your heating and cooling system. A dirty filter makes the system motor work harder moving air throughout your home. A homeowner realizes heating and air cooling savings by changing the filter in a timely manner in two ways: (1) reduces monthly electricity operational costs since the system does not need to work harder pushing air through a dirty filter, and (2) decreasing the probability of frequent HVAC repairs and entire system replacement since the system does not have to work hard pushing air through a dirty, air flow resistant filter. Homeowners will also enjoy cleaner air within his or her home if the filter is replaced at the proper time.

As a general rule, homeowners with several family members using the system for average seasonal heating or average seasonal cooling should change the filter every thirty-days. For a household with perhaps two adults and no other family members living at home, a homeowner should carefully monitor the filter every two to three weeks while a filter change may not need replacement until a two-month to three-month time period. The key is to check the filter regularly as these recommended times for filter changes may be different for your home if your usage varies.

Consider keeping one or two used filters that your replaced during the past few months available in your garage to show your HVAC company technician during your annual maintenance visits to obtain his or her opinion of the condition of the filters that you replaced. You will soon gain a better feel for the time period that you will need to replace your filter based on your geographical location, local temperatures and your typical pattern of home heating and cooling.

In addition to the suggestions above, it makes sense to make an annual appointment with a trusted heating and air conditioning equipment company to provide annual maintenance to your system. If you hear right off the bat during the maintenance visit that you need to replace the system immediately, make sure you obtain the opinion of two or three more companies before moving forward with a system replacement. Unfortunately, some home service companies put commissions and profits before customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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