Electric Coops and Farmers Coops for Propane Service

Many propane consumers live in the service area of cooperatives that provide electric service and/or farmer products.  In some cases, propane consumers are not aware that a local electric coop or farmer coop offers propane service.

If an electric coop and/or farmer coop offers local propane service, it makes sense to contact the cooperative to check propane pricingIn many cases, all of the customers that obtain service from a local cooperative may also own a tiny fraction of the same cooperative.  This can be quite different from a company that is in business to create earnings for their share holders or local owners.  You may find a cooperative can deliver excellent propane service with significant savings!

It is smart for propane consumers to contact and learn the pricing of all propane suppliers offering local propane service - including cooperative organizations.

Contact your local electric cooperative and/or farmers cooperative to find out if they offer propane service in your area.  If a propane cooperative does offer propane service, however, not in your area, ask to be considered for propane service in the future.  If this is the case, when service is offered in your area, find out the cost to install propane service and check propane prices.