Got Propane Tank Size?

Propane  home heating consumers have the opportunity to save money on propane fuel costs this year - when compared to propane prices offered by propane suppliers during recent years.

Question: Got propane tank size?

Propane tank size, commonly rated as 'water capacity', is the amount of propane fuel that a propane tank is designed to store. 

When attractive propane buying opportunities become available, like this summer (2015), a propane heating customer can increase savings even futher by owning a larger propane tank that can hold a larger quantity of propane.  Common propane tank sizes for home heating range between 250 and 500 gallons.  Less common larger propane tanks range between 1,000 gallons and 1,100 gallons water capacity.

Propane tank plans typically must be reviewed and inspected by local fire and building authorities before approval is granted to install a home heating propane tank system.  Therefore, it is not only the property owners decision to purchase and install a larger propane tank, it is typically the homeowners decision to buy a larger propane tank after local governmental agencies approve a propane tank size and site location before an installation can proceed.

In general, propane tanks that are close to property lines, building structures, motor vehicle traffic and possible sources of ignition can influence the size and location of a residential propane tank installation.  Other safety factors not listed here are included in the inspection process and factor into the approval process. 

A propane tank that is farther away from building structures, property lines,  designated vehicle roadway and sources of ignition are more likely to result in a larger size propane tank approval (i.e. 1,000 or, 1,150 gallons).

Conclusion: When installing an original propane heating system in a home or changing an electric heat pump or other heat system to a propane system, and your land size is relatively large, check with local authorities to install the largest propane tank possible.  Your local fire and building departments will likely provide advice that a 1,000 gallon propane tank installation may be approved if certain criteria of spacing and safety factors are followed. 

With a larger propane tank, in a low propane cost environment (like the Summer of 2015), a homeowner using propane may have the opportunity to purchase a larger quantity of propane at a lower propane price per gallon.  If the current propane cost environment is high, the same homeowner has the opportunity to order a partial tank delivery until prices (hopefully) decrease - at which time it makes sense to fill the tank to the designed tank capacity. 

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