New Propane Price Entries

We periodically receive e-mail messages from our website visitors indicating that specific counties across the country do not contain comparable propane price data.  The solution to this challenge is to have more and more propane consumers enter their propane pricing data.

How do we work together to accomplish this goal?

One of the best ways to increase the volume of propane price entries is for our website visitors to help us spread the word about this website and encourage other propane consumers to participate by adding propane pricing information to our database!  Do you attend a local church that circulates a bulletin with local church news in an area that commonly uses propane for home heating?  Ask the local publisher of the church bulletin to add a small message about this website and encourage local propane consumers to add their propane pricing after each delivery.   Do you have a bulletin board in the lunchroom at your work place?  Create a single page notice advising others of our website for the bulletin board and encourage everyone to input their propane pricing data.  Perhaps your local electricity provider will agree to insert a small notice in each persons electric bill making them aware of our website - encouraging them to participate in our survey.   Call and ask them.  Do you walk around your neighborhood on a regular basis walking your dog for exercise?  Perhaps you can create a single page notice about our website and put it on doorsteps around your neighborhood to encourage others to input their propane pricing information.  Perhaps you can thumbtack a few notices on the local grocery store bulletin board. Do you live in a local community with a homeowners association that circulates a local newsletter?  Perhaps the manager of your community will agree to insert a small notice in the newsletter about our website.  Do you have a neighbor, co-worker or cousin or brother that asks what you are paying for propane on a regular basis.  Tell those folks about our webesite.  All of these suggestions will result in more and more propane heating customers from YOUR community putting their propane price data in our database. 

We are taking action to increase awareness of our website on the Internet.  We can use your help passing along our website address to propane consumers in your community.  Remember....the more people that you get to participate in your area, the more local propane price information will appear in our website for YOUR COUNTY....

Our website is designed to educate propane consumers on local propane pricing.  Please help us spread the word!  Thank you for your support!