Propane Prices: Reasonable or Affordable?

It is interesting to observe when propane suppliers advertise their propane prices as 'reasonable' or 'affordable'.  Current propane consumers or prospective customers should carefully consider the implied message related to the use of 'reasonable' and 'affordable' propane prices.

Reasonable generally implies that propane prices are not overly expensive.  Affordable generally implies that the suppliers propane prices can be reasonably fit within your income and budget.  Conversely, 'competitive' is a closer reference to a comparison to other local propane suppliers.  'Competitive' includes the use of the base word 'compete'.

Propane consumers are generally interested in paying the lowest propane price at an acceptable level of propane service.  The only way to be sure that a propane consumer is paying the lowest propane price at an acceptable level of service is to compare the propane prices and services offered by multiple local propane suppliers (assuming multiple suppliers offer service in your area).  The key here is 'comparison to other suppliers'.

Back to 'reasonable' and 'affordable'.  'Reasonable' and 'affordable' generally do not make reference  to a comparison to other propane suppliers as much as the term 'competitive'.  Propane consumers should always make sure that propane suppliers are competing for your business.  Multiple suppliers 'competing' for your business tends to include two or more suppliers making it attractive for you to work with a specific propane suppliers - when comparing propane service and propane prices - among competing suppliers in your area.