Propane Pre-Buy

Propane pricing plan pre-buy.

Propane Pre-Buy Can Help Stabilize Winter Heating Costs

Many propane consumers wisely use the summer months to plan propane service for the forthcoming winter.  Propane Pre-Buy is one common propane price protection plan used by many propane consumers to keep propane prices locked in for a specific volume of propane.

Propane Pre-Buy Contracts

Many propane suppliers offer 'propane pre-buy prices', sometimes referred to as 'propane contract pricing' during the summer months before the winter heating season when the propane will be consumed.

While propane pre buy pricing has proven to be a money saving program for many residential propane consumers in past years, propane consumers should be cautious and carefully investigate propane pre-buy offerings before participating in such a propane price contract.  Three specific areas that should be researched and carefully considered include the following:

Propane Pre-Buy

Viewing propane prices posted to our website from other consumers is helpful for pricing comparison purposes.  Please note that our new website format includes a field for consumers posting propane pricing to identify if the propane price that appears was part of a 'propane pre-buy program'. Propane pre-buy is a program offered by may propane supplier (not all propane suppliers) in many areas across the United States.

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