Propane Supplier Fees: Watch Carefully!

The homepage of our website presents a list of propane delivery information posted by our website visitors.  This delivery information displays several items related to each propane delivery.  The column on the far right shows information (if applicable) related to propane supplier fees in addition to the propane price per gallon.

It is very important to carefully watch the information shown in the propane supplier fees for several reasons.  Among the important reasons, propane consumers should be mindful that propane supplier fees may or may not be charged by any specific propane supplier and the charges clearly increase a propane consumers' total cost for propane.

While it is certainly possible that a propane company that charges additional service/delivery fees for a propane delivery may offer a lower propane price per gallon, resulting in a lower total cost than other local suppliers, propane consumers should carefully watch and evaluate the cost allocated to service/delivery fees. 

When a consumer is paying additional service/delivery fees, it is very important that the consumer interact with his or her propane supplier to find ways to reduce or eliminate the fees.  Simply making the point with a propane supplier that other local suppliers do not charge additonal service/delivery fees (discovered by your local research on the telephone) may be enough encouragement for a propane supplier to reduce or eliminate the fee for your future deliveries (especially if the supplier becomes concerned that you may change to another propane supplier).

If the supplier does not eliminate the fee, perhaps the supplier has ideas to reduce the fee.  For example, if the additional fee applies for each delivery, perhaps the supplier can explore the possibility of changing your current tank with a larger tank (at no cost) to reduce the frequency of deliveries - and the corresponding additonal delivery fee costs.  Your supplier should be aware of the local fire department requirements to determine if a larger propane tank can be installed at your home or place of business.

Bottom line: Be mindful of additional fees being charged by your propane supplier.  It is possible that the fees can be eliminated or reduced with some adjustments to your current service.  It is also possible that a propane supplier may elect to increase the fees over time causing your total propane expense to increase.  The only way to learn of fee increases is to carefully watch your billing statements and/or contact your supplier on a regular basis to learn of increased fees.