Propane Supplier Teaser Games

During the summer months, some propane suppliers offer teaser propane rates to attract propane customers.  Some of the teasers include free propane tank installation, lower first fill offers, among other financial gifts and incentives. 

Propane service is AND SHOULD BE very simple and straight forward:  A propane customer needs home heating service.  The propane customer finds out which propane suppliers offer propane service.  The customer contacts the various suppliers to check installation cost and the propane price per gallon.  Propane service is not complicated.  The wildcard with some suppliers is that the propane price per gallon quoted by the suppliers in July/August (for example) is likely going to be different through the winter.  Unfortunately, some propane suppliers charge significantly more for some customers.  Since propane suppliers typically do not openly post current propane prices for customers to see and watch on a daily basis - it is possible that a two customers with the same propane supplier may be paying $1.00 or more per gallon more than their neighbor 50 feet away.  This is the reason that propane customers must check propane prices and compare BEFORE each delivery.  The following two paragraphs are very important to consider when leasing a propane tank.  Be sure to read is very carefully - several times.

Propane consumers must keep in mind that leasing a propane tank from any propane supplier is typically a huge commitment.  The propane tank lease commitment typically includes the following: (1) Leasing a propane tank typically means that the customer MUST buy all of his/her propane from the supplier that owns the propane tank, and (2) When winter arrives, the propane customer is usually LOCKED in to the supplier that owns the propane tank because the tank may be under a thick layer of snow making changing suppliers very impractical (and perhaps impossible) during cold, icy weather.  Propane suppliers are well aware of this customer commitment!  The sad news is that an unethical propane supplier may keep increasing the propane price to a customer with a leased propane tank during the winter - and the customer may not have the opportunity to change to a supplier offering more competitive propane pricing.  As noted earlier, the supplier's propane pricing looked very interesting to new customers back before winter with a reduced rate for the first tank fill or other incentive. 

Moral of Story: The REAL test of a leased propane tank customer pricing is the price per gallon the supplier is charging for propane between the cold weather months through the winter - NOT the first fill teaser rate offered to entice new customers to start service with the supplier back in July, August or September.  Not only do some unethical propane suppliers increase the propane price per gallon - the double whammy is that the customer are using their fuel at a rapid pace for heating when a supplier keeps jacking up the propane price per gallon.

Furthermore, when a propane supplier chooses not to post current propane prices on their website (which may result in the propane supplier playing a shell game by simply looking at the customers price for the last delivery and keeping it in that range- which may be very high- rather than making it competitive with other suppliers in the market place).  As a result - posting pricing online on the suppliers website continously 24/7 is the only true way to ensure honest, transparent propane pricing.  Don't be fooled when a propane supplier plays a shell game with propane pricing with some contrived excuse why they can't tell you current propane pricing.   When a supplier is playing games by hiding  pricing (for any product), it is a safe bet that the customer will be getting screwed by the shady supplier sooner or later.

So, now we can see why many propane suppliers offer all kinds of free 'stuff' to LOCK propane suppliers into their propane service for the upcoming winter. 

Propane Consumer Tip: If the supplier does not OPENLY, TRANSPARENTLY and CONTINUOSLY post current propane pricing on it's website in public view for all to see 24/7 AND if the supplier is giving away all kinds of FREE STUFF to LOCK in new customers, propane consumers should be  VERY CAUTIOUS.   Try to find a supplier that is willing to openly post current propane prices CONTINOUSLY 24/7 and one that simple offers great service without the need to GIVE AWAY ALL KINDS OF FREE STUFF to lock in new customers.  Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers for a recommendation of which propane suppliers to consider and which ones to avoid because they continuosly jack up the propane price and/or offer poor service. Failure to carefully check on a supplier before leasing a propane tank with a supplier for service may result in a nightmare with sky high pricing and/or poor service.