Review of Website Visitor Poll Results

We have an ongoing poll for our website visitors to register their response to the question that appears.  Our website poll question is currently as follows:

Does your propane supplier notify you of your propane price per gallon before each home delivery? 

So far, with over 350 responses, roughly 1 out of 10 website visitors responsed 'yes, while roughly 90 percent of our website visitors responded 'no'. In other words, based on the responses noted in our informal poll, approximately 90% of the deliveries have been made to our poll participants homes without the poll participants being aware of their propane price per gallon.  Please note that this is an informal, non-scientific poll without a level of error determined.  Obviously, if a propane customer is not aware of his or her propane price per gallon before each delivery, he or she can be in for a big suprise when the bill for a recent delivery is opened and reviewed. 

Can you think of any other product that you use at home where you have no knowledge of the price of the product before delivery?  It is very likely that your answer to this question is 'no'.

Best solution: Make sure that you DEMAND that your propane supplier notify your propane price per gallon BEFORE each home delivery.