Summer Time Propane Offers

It's summer and it's time to evaluate your propane supplier's service.  With the warm summer weather, most home propane customers are using propane fuel for limited appliances. Perhaps you are using propane for waterheating.  Perhaps you use your propane for a swimming pool heater or a spa heater.  Perhaps you are using propane for cooking.  Whatever your consumption, it is very possible that you are using a lesser amount that during the cold winter weather. It is important to be aware of summer time propane supplier offers.

When you are typically using a lower volume of propane during the warmer summer months, it is a great time to consider your propane service arrangement for the upcoming winter heating season (it is generally easier to change out a propane tank - if necessary - during the warmer suimmer months vs. the colder, snowy and rainy winter months).  Some propane suppliers use the warmer summer months to attract new propane customers.  In some cases, a propane supplier may be contacting past propane customers that have chosen to change to a new propane supplier for any number of reasons - including a supplier raising the propane price over and over and over to upset customers.  A supplier may have failed to make deliveries during periods of extremely cold weather - leaving the customer and his or her family literally in the cold.

Are you getting a good propane deal from your current propane  supplier?  Do you know thepropane offers being presented by other suppliers at all times?  Is the propane price being charged by your current supplier always and comparable to the pricing charged by other local propane suppliers?  Are you getting good service from your current propane supplier?  If so, is is probably a good idea to remain with your current propane supplier.

It is also a good idea to remain aware of the special new customer offers being offered to potential new customers.   Call your supplier anonymously every few weeks to find out the new customer offer.  Ask you current supplier if it will apply the same offer to your account - a discount price for the first fill or a discount rate for a certain period of time.  If you current supplier knows that you are considering the offer of another local propane supplier - your current supplier may offer you the same offer to ensure that you stay with the supplier. 

Propane customers should carefully evaluate all offers before changing suppliers.   Getting a good propane deal involves evaluating the initial offer and the propane pricing that will apply AFTER the first delivery or the first tank fill.  A propane consumer should think twice,then think three or more times about returning to a propane supplier that he or she has chosen to abandon in the past.   Do you remember why you abandoned a supplier that you used in the past? Did the supplier keep raising your propane price - over and over and over - until you became so upset that discovered that you were paying three or four times the price of other local local customers.

Important Question: Is the same supplier that you abandoned in the past knocking on your door or calling you trying to sweet talk you into returning to their company for service?  In some cases, a supplier may try to entice past customers to return to them for service with TEMPORARY price reductions or other teaser offers.  Propane consumers considering a return to a past supplier should remember that a teaser price offered during the summer is generally not attractive to propane consumers because propane prices are generally already low during the summer (due to low propane fuel heating demand).  

IMPORTANT PROPANE PRICE TIP: Make sure that your propane service commitment with any propane supplier does not exceed the suppliers commitment for a fixed propane price per gallon.  For example, if the supplier is offering you a propane price if 99 cents per gallon for three months, BUT, the supplier wants to sign you up for a three year contract - skip the offer. In this case, the supplier if offering you the 99 cents per gallon rate, BUT, you are stuck with the supplier for a total of two years and 9 months AFTER the propane price commitment expires.   Unless the supplier has included some sort of price cap in the agreement - you may have entered a contract gives the supplier control of the propane price per gallon between the 4th months and the end of the third year.  This is a situation where the supplier may start sending the price per gallon through the roof - and you are stuck with the supplier.  Even if the supplier states that it will install the propane tank for free for a three year commitment - you will be stuck in a situation that may make you vulnerable to propane price gouging.  BE CAREFUL WITH PROPANE CONTRACTS!!!

As noted in other areas of this website, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that each propane consumer be notified of his or her propane price per gallon 24 to 48 hours BEFORE EACH DELIVERY in the form of a text message, telephone call or voice mail, e-mail or fax.    This gives the consumer the opportunity to make telephone calls to other local propane suppliers to ensure that the price is competitive BEFORE each delivery arrives.  This is  even more important when a customer is leasing the suppliers propane tank - WHICH TYPICALLY MUST BE FILLED BY THE SUPPLIER THAT OWNS THE TANK.  Propane consumers should never put their supplier on the 'pricing honor system'.  Asking your propane supplier to make delivery after delivery, day after day at a price chosen by the supplier and NOT communicated to the customer BEFORE each delivery can lead to propane price gouging.