Timing to Select or Change Your Propane Supplier

Summer is a great time to select a propane supplier (if you need propane service) or to change propane suppliers (if you are dissatisfied with your current propane supplier).

Why is summer a good time to start propane service?

There are four great reasons:

  1. Most propane suppliers provide residential propane heating service.  Summer is a time of year when many of these propane supplier have a lower workload.  Therefore, most supplier will be interested in 'sharpening their pencil' to get your commitment for winter propane heating service.  In many cases, sharpening one's pencil equates to customer savings. 
  2. Summer weather generally does not cause installation delays (snow, etc.) Even though summer storms occur in many areas across the country, most areas are clear to install propane service around summer weather. 
  3. Wholesale propane prices are generally lower during the summer months.  Many time this will result in a propane supplier passing along summer propane price savings to consumers.  However, similar to the saying 'the check is in the mail', consumers should be skeptical when a business claims 'We buy at low prices and pass the savings on to our customers'.  Make no mistake, businesses exist for the almighty profit.  While some businesses experiencing lower whoesale costs may pass 'some' savings on to their customers, many businesses view lower wholesale costs as a way to increase profit margins.  Consumers do not need to be paranoid of all businesses, consumers should simply watch closely, listen closely and keep a hand on his or her wallet when committing to a deal with the supplier of any product.
  4. If you elect to commit to a one-year propane service commitment, your contract will expire during the following summer when installations are easier to make if you need to find another propane supplier.  This means you can research and consider another propane supplier during the following summer as the agreement expires during the summer season.

Best wishes for a safe and happy summer season!