Will Propane Suppliers Match Propane Prices?

One of our website visitors recently sent us an e-mail on the topic of suppliers matching the propane price recently quoted by another local propane supplier.

The e-mail author pointed out that he/she owns his/her propane tank has three local propane suppliers that he/ she generally contacts when a propane delivery is needed (a customer that owns his or her propane tank has the freedom to make contact with multiple propane suppliers and order a propane delivery from the lowest supplier with the lowest propane price per gallon).

After contacting all three propane suppliers, he/she can share the propane price per gallon quoted by another local supplier and ask if another supplier will match the propane price per gallon.  Many times, another supplier will find the quoted propane price per gallon from another supplier profitable and agree to match the propane price.

Both the propane customer and the supplier matching the propane price per gallon win!  The consumer has confirmed the local propane price per gallon rates charged to customers that own their own propane tank.  A propane supplier may have found that matching the propane price per gallon quoted by another local proapne supplier will result in a profitable delivery - and proceeds with the propane delivery.

Moral of the Story: Whan calling around to find propane pricing, give other local propane suppliers the opportunity to match propane pricing.  You may find suppliers that not only match other propane price quotes - you may find suppliers that are willing to charge less than other local propane suppliers to guarantee the supplier makes the delivery.

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